Physiology 2016

Joint Meeting of the American Physiological Society and
The Physiological Society

29 - 31 July 2016
Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland


Media policy for Physiology 2016

Press registration

We are pleased to offer press registration free of charge to verifiable journalists. To be eligible for press registration, you must apply in advance and present one of the following:

  • A recognised press card
  • A business card showing verifiable employment at a recognised media outlet
  • A letter of introduction from the editor of a recognised publication

To register, please email our Media and Communications team

Press registration will not be issued to the following: representatives from public relations, advertising or marketing companies; representatives from pharmaceutical companies and their publications; representatives from a publication's public relations, advertising, marketing or sales division, or those whose attendance would be deemed to be a conflict of interest; other individuals who are not directly reporting on the meeting.


Please note, that unless otherwise stated, all presentations at Physiology 2016 will be embargoed until the time the relevant session takes place.

Third-party media events

Requests to hold third party media events must be made in advance to the conference organisers. Requests should be accompanied with a programme for the event. Acceptance must be granted by the conference organisers before any invitations to the event are sent out. Third party media events must not be held at the same time as any official Physiology 2016 press briefings.

Photography and video recording

Photography or video recording of any part of the conference requires prior approval from the conference organisers.